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Tens machine unit massager with EMS muscle-nerve stimulator by Aus Physio

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Product Description

Do you suffer from stiffness, muscle tension or poor circulation and find yourself not getting any better?

Aus Physio PRO Pain Therapy System is a professional grade TENS device that helps relieve muscle pain and tension in as little as 20 minutes.

What is The Pain therapy System? The Pain Therapy System is a professional TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) device used by Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. The Pain Therapy System is scientifically proven to relieve pain, reduce muscle tension and spasms, increase tissue oxygenation and improve circulation.

What is it used for? The Pain Therapy System is a drug-free pain relief solution that starts working right away to relieve muscle tension, pain, and soreness associated with many conditions like back pain, degenerative or bulging discs, knee and hip pain, arm pain, leg pain, foot and ankle pain and pain related to sports and activity.

Imagine having a soothing or intense massage anytime you want and muscle pain and tension relief in just minutes. Also, with E.M.S Technology built in, you can use the system for-building muscle.

 The massage techniques simulate the techniques used by massage therapists, including deep kneading, gentle chopping and soothing rubbing. Can be used on over 20 different body areas for neck pain, shoulder tension, back pain, hip pain, leg tension, knee pain, wrist pain, sore feet and much much more.

Massage Mode 1: Feels like thumb kneading, palm kneading, finger tapping, and percussion. Massage Mode 2: Feels like pounding, chopping, cupping and oscillating squeezing. Massage Mode 3: Feels like gentle fingers lightly rubbing the muscles, then lightly squeezing the muscles, followed by a stronger squeeze and then the muscles will be lifted and finally the muscle will let go and become totally relaxed.

Dual therapy technology – TENS + EMS Dual therapy technology – use 4 pads at the same time for an exhilarating massage. 2 ports to power 4 adhesive gel pads at the same time. Now you can treat different body areas at one time. You can use the pads up to 70-100 times before they need to be changed.

TENS - Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation - for targeted pain relief. EMS - Electronic muscle stimulation - for massaging. Use 4 Pads at the same time for an exhilarating deep penetrating massage.

As powerful as those bigger machines found in some clinics. Treat yourself professionally in the comfort of your own home and save time and money.

What else you need to know:

• Easy-to-use and portable
• Powered by only 2 AAA alkaline batteries. It is very small and portable and can be used anywhere, anytime. 

Anti assimilation technology - Programmed into the device so that your body never gets over-stimulated by just one type of frequency pattern. This is essential for TENS therapy so your body never adapts to the same massage frequency and thus providing long lasting effective pain relief. Many other CHEAPER devices on the market DO NOT vary the massage techniques, resulting in adaptation and reduced results. With variable massage techniques, AUS Physio Pain Therapy System can be more effective. 

AUS Physio Pain Therapy System Pro - 4 Pad Massage System is a Professional T.E.N.S + E.M.S + pulse massager device using the latest technology and a unique feature called Auto Modulating Pain Relievinig waves.

Effective for the entire body.
Do you have a stiff neck, shoulder tension, back pain, elbow pain, joint pain, hip pain, leg pain, knee pain, foot pain, stiffness, muscle tension or poor circulation.

TENS therapy provides a massage experience which can aid in reduction and relief of muscular pain, stiffness and tension. AUS PHYSIO PRO TENS+EMS can aid in the reduction and relief of muscular and nerve aches and pains and improve circulation throughout the treated area.

Very easy to use - Place the self-adhesive massage pads on to the skin over your tense or painful area and click on the power dial. Slowly increase the intensity until you feel the most soothing and relaxing massage action like hands inside your muscles massaging those tense and painful areas deep in the muscle layers.

Automatic shut off timer
Set the timer for 10, 20 or 40 minutes and it turns off automatically

Operates on 2 AAA Batteries. Batteries on average will last 2-4 months.


Regular Package Includes:
Professional T.E.N.S. + E.M.S. + Pulse Massager machine
8 x Small Gel Pads (4.5cm x 4.5cm) 
2 x Medium size Gel Pads (8cm x 6cm) 
2 x Extra Large Flex Tone Pads (12cm x 8cm) 
BONUS: Circulation Boosting Massaging foot Pads – great for massaging tired and sore feet or for boosting circulation.
Owner’s Manual + Pad Placement Chart
Travel Bag 

Back Pain Package Incudes:
All items from the regular package plus:
Back Massage Therapy belt, this belt attaches to the machine for back pain massage therapy, to stimulate stiff, tight sore muscles.

Why buy AUS Physio Pain Therapy System: Powerful 4 Pad system – designed for home use. Professional T.E.N.S. + E.M.S. + Pulse Massager. As much power and effectiveness as those bigger machines found in most clinics. Same technology and massage options as the Dr ho's pain therapy system.

Compared to other TENS Machines that use only TENS (Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation) technology, AUS Physio Pain Therapy System uses a combination of TENS, EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) and our Auto Modulating technology to help you get more effective results, faster. Other systems that use only TENS technology can fail to be as effective because the body gets used to the type of stimulation the machine is providing and the treatment becomes ineffective. With the Pain Therapy System, the technology is set up to randomize the type of treatment that is being given so that the body doesn't become immune to the treatment and the treatment can remain more effective, for a much longer period of time. 


Bupa Provider No: EP00198

Warranty Information

* This device must NOT be used on people with Cardiac Pacemakers, implanted defibrillators or other electronic devices.
* Do not use if you are pregnant and not suitable for small children.
* This device is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care nor is this a medical device suitable for all people.
* As with any new product, always consult your medical practitioner, especially if you have pre – existing conditions.
* All instructions should be read carefully before using this device.
We cannot recommend usage to this particular group of people, simply because this product promotes blood circulation that gets the heart pumping. Always consult your physician if you have a heart related disease before using any therapeutic tool which effects heart rate and circulation.

Other Details

Battery operated (2 AAA) . Batteries on average will last for 3 - 4 months.
4 pad system:
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation - for pain relief
Electronic muscle stimulation - muscle strengthening, toning and massage
Output intensity, Pulse width(duration), Pulse Rate(Frequency):
1.0 - 50mA, 1.0 - 190µs, 1.0 - 250Hz

Product Reviews

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  1. Excellent T.E.N.S device 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th May 2024

    Have bought the AusPhysio device before and was very happy with it. This one is great thank you.

  2. Shoulder 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th May 2024

    Couldn’t raise my arm past my shoulder, but after using Tens for 4x10min sessions the next morning it was freed up.

  3. wonderful massage machine 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Oct 2023

    Thanks for the fast shipment, I have had it for a few days and I am very satisfied

  4. Quite helpful 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Aug 2023

    I’m finding the Tens device quite helpful. It gives me relief even just for a short time. Also it’s good that I can repeat use at anytime. I have it on a table near me while I am watching TV.

  5. Reduces pain from the flared-up disc bulges 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Jul 2023

    It reduces pain from the flared up disc bulges and I can bend partially down a bit better. I am just placing two of the gel pads on lumbar either side of spine. I recommend it to other lumbar sufferers it can improve symptoms somewhat and it's portable too. A good therapeutic tool to have at home using electrical waves slowing adjusting the frequency.

  6. Electrical TENS/EMS waves help manage painful lumbar bulging discs 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Jul 2023

    Yes I have been therapeutically surprised that the electrical waves for nerve and muscle stimulation for two bulging discs by increasing the frequency slowly is relieving some pain. Thanking you very much

  7. Excellent tens machine 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jun 2023

    Have painful peripheral neuropathy and this machine is wonderful for hands and feet. Added bonus it's great for sore shoulders hips and back. Highly recommend.

  8. Great product. Really worked 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jun 2023

    I was hesitant to believe this could work but now I’m a convert. After weeks of having to take painkillers I’m now only taking them once or twice a week. Bought the back brace as well as and the combo works fabulously

  9. A great investment 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Dec 2022

    I have purchased 3 physio tens machine, 2 for me, one for a friend. The customer service is exceptional. I also order new pads and nothing is a problem. One of the best investments I have made for my back and health. I can highly recommend this to anyone with pain issues. I use almost daily. Even took it overseas with me. I can't survive without it.

  10. Awesome relief 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Nov 2022

    I’ve only had for a couple of weeks and I’m very happy with results .

  11. love it! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Aug 2021

    This is the second tens i have purchased from you, the most recent was for my Son and his partner.
    They are both working from home and starting to get the shoulder and back pain from poor posture. They love it!

  12. So pleased! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Apr 2021

    Such a great help with my ongoing chronic pain, especially the back support with the gel pads

  13. Enable me to continue work 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jan 2021

    Love this TENS machine and the accessories provided. I have oesteo arthritis in my hips and I'm a carer. I need to work and this enables me to work! I dont need to take pills

  14. I couldn't survive without this!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Sep 2020

    I have a spinal degenerative disease and sometimes, more frequently these days, my spine will just have a conniption and cause me horrendous pain - Physio and chiropractic adjustments just didn't help at all. I invested in the Ausphysio over the internet. It arrived 2 days later, and I used it everyday for 12 days, giving me relief. I also purchased the Belt, which also helps. You will not be disappointed in this product - it's a life saver - Thank you!

  15. Works for me 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Sep 2020

    Helped with leg and back pain

  16. Great relief 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jul 2020

    Have extremely stiff lower back stiffness. I have been using this for a week, even though I know it is not going to completely fix it, it relaxes my muscles immediately and feels great.

  17. Effective 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Dec 2019

    Compact easy to use. Started to get relief very soon after starting.

  18. Such a great product (tens machine) & great service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Nov 2019

    I cannot recommend Aus Physio highly enough. The tens machine & follow up requirements are exceptional. Thank you so very much.

  19. Effective & Feels Great 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jul 2019

    I have slipped and ruptured discs, so have used TENS for relief before, but I recently have had trouble with my piriformis muscle so bought this machine for a combination of massage (to keep the muscle moving) and TENS. The massage function (on A and C) feels amazing and is interspersed with TENS tapping to relieve the pain. I have been using this every night since I bought it, and I love it. It really relaxes the muscles and eases pain. The pain relief certainly isn't long lasting (it never is), but while the machine is on - and for a little while afterwards - you can forget that you're in pain, which is great.

  20. Worth the money! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jun 2019

    If Considering purchasing a unit because you're sick of outlaying time and money for treatment this is money well spent.

Showing reviews 1-20 of 51 | Next


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